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The Melvindale Public Library is a part of The Library Network (TLN), which unites more than 60 libraries throughout Wayne and Oakland county. We share a catalog, with the ability to interloan items from these other libraries. You may also return our items at them, or their items at our library and we will ship them back through our interloan delivery service FREE of charge.

Click on our "about" button at the top of the page for information on where we are located, driving directions and our hours of operation.

Quiet Study Space

We do NOT have any private meeting rooms available. We have Magazine & Study Room, which stays open to multiple users/tutors throughout the day. This room contains our adult Biographies, Science Fiction, Magazines and paperback adult fiction books. It also contains our ongoing booksale and at times we hold children's events in this room as well. We CANNOT close the room off from other users or guarantee privacy. We do NOT reserve this room (except for library events) so it is first come, first serve. There are 6 tables with 4 chairs each, plus benches.

Books & Interloaned Items

Books check out for 3 weeks.

Is there a book (or other item) you'd like, but it's not available at your local library? Speak with your librarian and they'll help you to find the book at another library-or you can order it through our shared catalog online.

Your interloan book (or other item) will be shipped to the library of your choice and held for you behind the desk, free of charge! Most books take about a week to make it to our library and they'll be held for you for 7-10 days. We currently ONLY get interloaned book deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

DVD Movies

We have a large FREE DVD selection. You make check-out 3 FREE DVDs per household (not per card, per street address). In addition you may also check out 1 RENTAL DVD per household (not per card, per street address). The most DVDs your family may check out is: 3 Free DVDs & 1 Rental DVD: no matter how many cards your family has you are limited PER HOUSEHOLD. Free DVDs check-out for 7 days. Rental DVDs check out for only 3 days. All DVDs must be returned during open hours (not in our drop box) and LATE FEES for DVDs are: $1 per day for EACH late DVD.

We do not accept checks/credit/debit cards--cash only please.


Computers available for public use with library card or picture ID. YOU MUST pay your library fines before using the computers. We check the shared system and if you have fines AT OTHER LIBRARIES you must still pay before using the computers.

We do not accept checks/credit/debit cards--cash only please.

Getting a Library Card

To get a library card you must be 18 years old or more and present ID that shows you live in Melvindale. We will check your library account, if you owe fines at other libraries in our system you'll have to pay them BEFORE you can get a card. If you have a LOST item with another library you'll have to take care of that with the library the item BELONGS to. If you have no fines or are not in the system your first library card is free and good for one year, after which we'll ask to see your ID again and re-verify your phone number. If you lose your card, the replacement is $1 and you'll have to show ID and pay any fines you owe at the same time. Michigan Vehicle Code (257.315) states that citizens MUST IMMEDIATELY notify the Secretary of State when moving/changing addresses. Your ID must show where you are currently living, and for us to issue you a library card-it must show a Melvindale address.

Children under 18 years of age will need to bring their PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN ONLY with an ID showing they live in Melvindale. We cannot accept parents of their friends, neighbors, other relatives, etc. Signing up for a library card is a LEGAL document which must be completed by the PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN ONLY in which the adult assumes liability for items lost or damaged by the minor.

Try our 24/7 Automated Phone Renewal Service!

Don't have time to make it to the library to renew your books? Call 1-888-672-8983 and renew your books over the phone! Many other services are also included. You must have your library card number and PIN in order to utilize this service.

Visit your local library today if you are unsure of your PIN: at Melvindale Library we set your PIN to the LAST 4 digits of your library card barcode number.

A few other libraries in the area set their PIN to 1234, instead of the LAST 4 digits like we do.

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